Jerry showing the kids how to do it.

“Here kids, this is how you do it” Trail Master Jerry Mello !!


We are working on  the reroute of the Agnew trail, it is complete from Mill Brook Rd (FR93 in the WMNF) to Chambers Rd, this is as far as we can go this season, due to a scheduled logging operation in the Agnew State Forest. Next year we will finally complete the trail thru Agnew State Forest out to Red Brook Rd.


Beginning immediately clubs will no longer issue Membership Cards that in the past were proof of membership in a snowmobile club to register your sled.

Between now and Jan 1 2016

     1.  Fill out a Membership form as in the past, presenting or mailing it to us along with your payment of dues. The form has four areas marked with an * Your name, your  birth date,  your E-mail address and your phone NR. It is important that you complete  these four questions as they will be necessary for future transactions.

     2. We will enter your info into the NHSA database which will allow us to generate a  “VOUCHER”(replacing the Membership card) that we can mail to you as in the past or   E-mail to you if you are in a hurry. The Voucher will allow you to register your sled(s) at any authorized registration agent.

After of Jan 1 2016

You will be able to join a club and register your sled(s) on line from the comfort of your easy chair, this is why we need your answers to the four * questions on the membership form as this is how you will be able to access your info and make changes in the future. Of course you will still be able to join and register as in the past as described above only with a VOUCHER instead of the Membership card. Please bear with us during this break in period as things are never as smooth as the planners think they will be.

        Club meetings are usually held on the 2nd Saturday of each month , 7PM at 793 Meadows Rd in Jefferson All are welcome and encouraged to attend. If there are any changes they will be posted to the “Club Calendar”

Have you registered your sled Yet? If not you can do it right here in three easy steps.

  1. Download the Membership Form.
  2. Complete printed form, and mail with your check to PO BOX 273 Jefferson NH 03583
  3. We will send you your NHSA membership “VOUCHER” which will allow you to register your machine at any NH OHRV authorized facility.


  • President: Gerald Reed
  • Vice President: Judy Ascetta
  • Treasurer: Opal Bronson
  • Secretary: Rose Sullivan
  • Trail Master: Jerry Mello
  • Trail Administrator: Jack Sullivan

The law states that a Groomer has the right of way. Common sense says DO NOT PASS A MOVING GROOMER!!!

Jefferson Hilanders Groomer Pisten Bully 100

RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR PASSING A GROOMER approved by NHSA map and trails committee

  1. FOR ONCOMING SLEDS: The sled should pull off the trail and allow the groomer to pass by.
  2. OVERTAKING A GROOMER: The groomer operator should find a safe place to pull over and stop. The rider can then check to see if they can safely pass the groomer.

    NOTE: The groomer operator will not signal a sled to pass.

    Reason: Each rider must take responsibility for passing the Groomer.


215-c:8 operation of snowmobiles.

section IIIb, Item 3: 10 miles per hour at trail junctions on parking lots, or when passing Trail grooming equipment.